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Live Video Game

Live Dutch is the fastest growing industry in the Asian market. Classic gambling games, such as baccarat, dice, roulette and contest, are accompanied by professional beauty lottery officers from all over the world, and bring players to experience the real atmosphere in the casino.



Computer game

More than 1000 games are available for you to choose from. Hundreds of games are available, including slot machines, desktop games, scratch games and fishing games. The new vision will lead your customers into a more advanced and perfect field and provide players with the best interactive experience.
  • Focus on player experience, fine management of each element
  • Closely integrated with management system, fast response
  • Numerous gamblers love slot machine games. Hundreds of slot machine games are for your choice
  • Players can learn by themselves and enjoy this type of game



lottery game

There are many areas of official time color, Eleventh Five, low-frequency color, PK10, PC eggs, six-color, fast three and so on, so that players can enjoy the same lottery entertainment without leaving home. Can create brand new lottery providers to create their own brand LOGO lottery, the odds are yours. Operators can configure odds independently, or even 7/24 operating time, so that players can enjoy the game all the time.
  • Covering the hottest colours on the market
  • Operators can allocate the odds independently, and the odds are yours.
  • Create brand new color varieties



Sports events

It provides the most professional and perfect sports platform, and holds the legitimate British IOM license, providing more than 5,000 wonderful sports events per month! ___________ There are also five odds models, namely, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and the United States, so that players can enjoy the fun of sports betting.



Chess and card games

With the involvement of a series of capital and the explosive growth of products, chess and card games have become one of the most concerned topics in the industry. With the rapid rise of chess and card games, switching from leisure to real gold and silver game mode has become an indispensable part of the market.
  • A number of popular chess and card games
  • Providing high stability systems
  • Let the platform focus on attracting more professional players to play.




Video game competitions reach the "competitive" level of sports. E-sports is a kind of intellectual confrontation between people using electronic equipment as sports equipment. It can not only exercise and improve participants'thinking ability, reaction ability, coordination ability of mind, eyes, limbs and willpower, but also cultivate team spirit. E-sports is also a profession, similar to non-video games such as chess.