OLBET is a entertainment system supplier focusing on providing one-stop solutions for small and medium-sized websites. Over the years, we have cooperated with many real-life entertainment, video games and sports game products suppliers to provide the best VIP serial service for our customers. OLBET is to help customers create benefits


Full Channel Charter Service/h3>

Provide a complete customized package network solution, easy and fast construction steps. Whether it's on the web or on the mobile phone, you don't have to worry about how to design the visual and typography, until the website is online, there are professional and technical teams to support it.


Quota-free switching Wallet

At present, it not only supports the commonly used multi-wallet concept, but also supports single wallet and seamless wallet (no-transfer wallet) to enable operators to add new casino games and other content providers in a fast and cost-effective manner.


Diversification of Game Manufacturers

We have a wide range of game manufacturers (sports, lottery, chess and cards, real people, electronics, fishing) for your choice. At present, there are more than 70 well-known game manufacturers, up to 5000 games, fully supporting PC version, HTML5 mobile version and APP mobile version.


Pioneer of innovative technology

OLBET always pays close attention to market dynamics, and constantly collects, analyses and collates Market Research and information, and makes innovations and improvements. We provide professional industry advice to ensure that our customers will always maintain the opportunity to expand the market and continue to develop.



OLBET is a professional lottery, electronic, real person, sports, chess and card games and comprehensive charter network platform in Southeast Asia. With a large number of API game interfaces, system games, etc., provide 24/7 support service team. With the team's rich technology, products and operational experience, OLBET will be able to wish you success. At present, we are actively expanding our overseas business. At this stage, we have expanded our business to the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and other regions. The industry's leading software and hardware technology has made us trusted by customers and players. We will continue to pay attention to customer feedback and needs, insist on continuous innovation, realize customer's thinking and player's needs, and develop towards diversified entertainment services.